Rex Poindexter, who died on 23 January 2003, wrote a very favorable two-part review of The AIDS Cult, which was published in 4Front magazine on 28 April and 12 May 1997. Poindexter's review has been removed from this site in response to a letter from the Trustee of his estate, who claimed that Poindexter's copyright was being violated. Pagan Press denies this, since Poindexter said, in a 1997 telephone conversation with John Lauritsen, that the review could be used freely, and he hoped it would help sales of the book. Rex was proud of his review, and wrote in a letter to John Lauritsen (undated, but presumably in April 1997):

Here's copies of the two 4-Front articles that will be appearing in LA.  Part one will publish April 28, part two on May 12.  As you can see, I love your book and wish you well in its continued campaign to wake up the hypnotised zombies we've become.

    Nevertheless, to avoid unnecessary conflict, the Poindexter review of The AIDS Cult has here been deleted.

However, the review is still online in the website.  To read it click here.

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