By John Lauritsen

In 1983 I began thinking critically about the newly named “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome” or “AIDS”. The entire medical literature at this time amounted to a couple of dozen articles. In this year I joined forces with Hank Wilson in San Francisco to warn gay men that the premier gay drug — “poppers” or the nitrite inhalants — was harmful to the health and very likely a cause of “AIDS”. We prepared and distributed a pamphlet, “Poppers & AIDS”, and wrote letters to the gay press warning about poppers.

In 1984 my first letter questioning the AIDS-orthodoxy was published — in the New York City Paper, a free weekly distributed mainly in gay bars. To read the letter click here.

On 14 February 1985 my first major AIDS article, “CDC's Tables Obscure AIDS-Drugs Connection”, was published in Philadelphia Gay News. This article, which was soon republished in five other papers, demonstrated that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had used statistical trickery in order to construe “AIDS” as a venereal disease, rather than a drug-induced condition. This article is reprinted as the first chapter in The AIDS War (1993). To read this chapter in PDF click here.

1986 marked the publication of Death Rush: Poppers & AIDS by Hank Wilson and me. The appendices in this book challenged the official hypothesis, that an “AIDS virus” — then known as either HTLV-III or LAV — caused the syndrome of diseases. These appendices were the first to use Koch's Postulates and Occam's Razor to argue against a viral etiology. Also in 1986 my first article, on Koch's Postulates, was published in the New York Native — which in the next eleven years would publish over fifty of my articles. To read the book in html click here.

On 9 March 1987 my review of Confronting AIDS, by the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, was published in the New York Native. I referred to the report as “monumental folly”, and excoriated its incompetent epidemiology, its fatuously cavalier dismissal of “co-factors”, its preposterous projections, and its lethal public health measures. By this time I was convinced that “AIDS” is not infectious, that it is not a coherent and rationally defined disease entity, and that multiple factors, especially toxins, provided the best explanation for AIDS-illnesses. This review is reprinted as the third chapter in The AIDS War.

On 13 June 1987 I became the first journalist to interview molecular biologist Peter Duesberg, whose March 1987 article in Cancer Research, “Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality”, concluded that the role of retroviruses in causing either cancer or “AIDS” was far from proven. This interview caused an immediate sensation, and AIDS-criticism burst briefly  into the public arena — after which media censorship set in, of an intensity normally found in a totalitarian country in the midst of war.

However, there were occasional cracks in the wall of censorship. In 1991 a letter of mine was published in Harvard Magazine. To read it click here.

Since then a lot of water has gone under the bridge. I've received death threats — been slandered and ostracized — been on television and radio — been cited innumerable times in books and articles — and so on. If I could go back in time, I'd still fight against the AIDS lies, only I hope that I'd do it better. Despite substantial financial losses from abandoning my market research career, I am at peace with myself. I believe that I and the many other AIDS-dissidents have saved lives. In the short run, Goliath usually defeats David — and the Medical-Pharmaceutical Complex is formidable. In the long run, Truth will prevail.

Since the demise of the New York Native and Christopher Street, almost all of the gay press have been closed to AIDS criticism. I did succeed in having one article, “AIDS Realism Versus The HIV Hypothesis”, published in the electronic weekly, Gay Today (22 May 2000). To read it click here.

My article, “AIDS: A Death Cult”, appeared in the Winter 2003-2004 issue of the Gay & Lesbian Humanist. The article has now been re-printed with illustrations and hyperlinks.  To read it click here. When GLH became an electronic publication, it published my article, 
“In Defence of AIDS Critics”, in its May 2010 issue. To read it click here.

For information on the premier gay drug “poppers” (nitrite inhalants), including the complete text of the 1986 book, Death Rush: Poppers & AIDS, click here.

An older article of mine,
The Incidence Quagmire, was a chapter in The AIDS War (1993) and was reprinted in AIDS: Virus- or Drug Induced (1996). To read it click here.

For an AIDS-dissident bibliography click here.

The Internet has provided an end-run around the AIDS censorship that prevails in mainstream media.  For links to some of the many dozens of AIDS-dissident websites click here.

An international conference, Rethinking AIDS 2009, the largest of its kind to date, was held in Oakland, California, 6-8 November 2009.  The talk I gave,
History of the Controversy, is available in two versions:

• The short version is a slightly revised version of the 25-minute talk I actually gave.  To read it click here.

  • The long version is my first draft, which was much too long for the time allotted. This is somewhat of a work-in-progress, which means that suggestions from fellow AIDS-dissidents are welcome as to people, groups, publications, etc. that I may have overlooked. To read the long version click here.

To watch videos that challenge AIDS orthodoxy, including episodes of Tony Brown's Journal, angry confrontations between AIDS-dissidents and pharmaceutical drug pushers, a surrealistic satire on the HIV Zone, and my own talks to gay audiences, click here.

Ben Gardiner, founder and webmaster of the AIDS Information Bulletin Board System <aidsinfobbs.org>, the world's first BBS dedicated to AIDS, died on 23 January 2010 at the age of 88. He was my friend for over two decades. To visit the Ben Gardiner pages click here.

AIDS: zwischen Wissen und Dogma (AIDS: Knowledge and Dogma) — an international conference was held in Vienna, Austria, 16-17 July 2010. To read the talk I gave there — “The AIDS Hoax and Gay Men”click here.
    For an Italian translation by Vincenzo Paolo Fraddosio, La Truffa 
“AIDS” e gli Omosessuali, click here.

For descriptions of my two AIDS books that are still in print, The AIDS War and The AIDS Cult, click here.

NEW: Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story (1990) is now a free pdf book. Please feel free to download and pass it around. (The file is 12.6 megabytes, so it will take a few minutes to download.) To read Poison click here.

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