AIDS-Dissident Videos

Tony Brown's Journal
    Tony Brown's Journal (1977-2008) was the longest running of all PBS series. It was selected by the New York Daily News as one of the 10 top television series of all time. Tony Brown won many accolades, including Educator of the Year and Communicator of the Year. In the 1990s several of his programs featured critics of AIDS orthodoxy, including these three:

• 1531 (1 November 1992) “Does Crack Cocaine Cause AIDS?” — with guests John Lauritsen and Nathaniel S. Lehrman. To watch this 26-minute episode click here.  

• 1602 (31 January 1993) “AIDS Counterpoint” — John Lauritsen and Nathaniel S. Lehrman are back on the program, confronting J.D. Robinson, a defender of AIDS orthodoxy. To watch this 26-minute episode click here.  

• 1703 (1994) “The Psychology of AIDS” — guests are Michael Ellner and John Lauritsen. To watch this 26-minute episode click here.   

WYBE-TV (8 Feb. 1993)
    “AZT: Fact and Fiction” — On a television show for gay men, host Arnold Jackson interviews John Lauritsen, author of Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story and The AIDS War.  To watch this one-hour program click here

HEAL This Week (December 1993)
    John Lauritsen gave a talk at New York City's Gay Community Center in December 1993. On this program, Michael Ellner and Frank Buianouckas of HEAL introduce the video of Lauritsen's talk. The whole program is about an hour long. To watch it click here.

Bloodbath in Vancouver! (10 July 1996)
    Members of ACT UP San Francisco disrupted a panel on anti-retroviral therapy at the 1996 International AIDS Conference in Vancouver. They threw fake blood on Margaret Fischl and Paul Volberding, charging them with murder for promoting AZT, a poison which was approved on the basis of fraudulent research. To watch this short and dramatic video click here.  To read the ACT UP San Francisco press release on this event click here.

HEAL San Francisco Confronts John James 
    In March 1997, HEAL San Francisco hosted a lecture by John Lauritsen. During the discussion period, a confrontation broke out between John James, publisher of AIDS Treatment News, and members of the audience. Angry HEAL members called him a liar and a murderer for promoting poisonous and worthless drugs. To watch this short and dramatic video click here.   

CampHive (October 1998)
    In this weird, surrealistic satire, three gay men enter the HIV Zone, observe some very strange things, ask questions, and finally find the power to escape. Produced by People's AIDS Review, “Camp Hive” premiered at ACT UP San Francisco space in October 1998. To watch this video click here.   

AIDS Dissidents Meet San Francisco Mayor
    On 16 January 1999, three AIDS-dissidents — Christine Maggiore, David Pasquarelli and Michael Bellefountaine — met with San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown. Their presentations were well prepared. The mayor listened respectfully and asked questions, but the information seems to have gone in one ear and out the other. Christine somehow manages to give a coherent presentation while nursing Little Charlie, her first baby. To watch this video click here.   

AIDS-Dissident Videos at other sites:

Immunity Resources Foundation
    The AIDS-dissident documentaries made by Meditel in the 1990s are still relevant and impressive. Although these television documentaries have been viewed by tens of millions around the world, none of them has ever aired in the United States. All can be watched at the Immunity Resources Foundation site.  To go there click here.   

A number of AIDS-dissident videos are available on VirusMyth, and more are being added. To go there click here.   

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