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For my writings on feminism (really very few over the years) I've been called a misogynist, among other things. I deny this, and hereby affirm that I do like some women (as well as some men) and do support the fair and rational goals of women's liberation. But these goals are far removed from the stridently censorious, men-are-the-enemy variety of feminism, which has come to prevail. Christine Hoff Sommers has made a strong case in her book, Who Stole Feminism, that women themselves are the main victims of what she calls gender feminism.

In this section are some of my writings on feminism:

•  NEW: Down With LGBTQ!  John Lauritsen takes apart the politically correct alphabetisms, which are both ridiculous and pernicious.  To read it as a PDF publication, which can be downloaded and printed out, click here.  To read it in HTML click here.

Mr. Pudgy Roberts, a female impersonator, dishes amateur transvestites and transsexuals in a 1968 interview. His acerbically rational comments anticipate the current Bruce Jenner madness and the fraught relationship between feminists and transsexuals. Note that professional female impersonators use masculine pronouns and titles for themselves.  To read it click here.

Rape: Hysteria and Civil Liberties is a review of Susan Brownmiller's 1975 book, Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape. To read it click here.

Dangerous Trends in Feminism is a talk I gave at the Gay Academic Union Conference IV, New York City, 1976. To read it click here.

Censorship & Feminism is a pamphlet I published in 1978, reprinting a news item and eleven letters that appeared in WIN Magazine from 19 January to 13 July 1978. Also included is my reply (7 August 1978) to attacks on me, which WIN refused to print. To read it click here.

• Pornography & Censorship. Three writers counter demands for censorship of pornography, arguing that censorship of any kind brings us closer to a police state.
    • Antony Grey: “Linda: What Sticks in My Gullet!
    • Brigid Brophy: “The Longford Report”
    • John Lauritsen: “Feminism and Censorship in the United States”

• My recent H-Net review of the book, Sex Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2002, questions whether the alliance between Amnesty International and certain strains of feminism is a good thing. To read it click here.

• Warren Farrell is a leading advocate for men's rights. His new book, Does Feminism Discriminate against Men? A Debate, argues that in many ways feminism causes injustice to men and boys. To read my H-Net review of this book click here.

• “Back to Basics” was published as an Opinion piece in Gay Community News, August 23 & 30, 1980. It argues that the paramount goal of Gay Liberation — Men should be free to love men — has been compromised by “standard liberal egalitarianism” and by harmful aspects of feminism. To read it click here.

Note: the image at the top of this page was drawn by the German artist, Fidus (1868-1948) as the cover design for the journal, Die Kultur. I have replaced Die Kultur with Feminism.

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